After the great success of the session “Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions #53” between the Colombian singer and bizarreit is rumored on various sites that Shakira He could be working on a new collaboration right now, this time with a Colombian artist.

Manuel Turizo could be the new duo of the Colombian interpreter to create another theme of revenge and ventAs we all know, Shakira likes to sing about her emotions and in one way or another convey to her fans the feeling of her lyrics, lately the singer has been involved in a series of controversies with her recent separation from her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

The filtration of Shakira’s new song, was made through a means of entertainment of well-known urban music in Colombia, where you can hear a voice note from the star singing the following verse: «I’ve been thirsty for a while, I don’t know why about you. I’m left wanting more and wanting to drink from an empty glass.”

At the moment it is unknown when this new single by Shakira could come to light, since no in-depth details of this alleged collaboration with Manuel Turizo, what we do know is that this great topic will not disappoint and will give a lot to talk about, where we will very possibly find more hints for the ex-footballer defending the FC Barcelona.