After intense investigations by various Internet users on social networks, it has finally been possible to discover the identity of the young redhead with whom Johnny Depp was seen in Italy.

The presence of the actor in Italy turned on the alerts again, as he was captured in the company of a red-haired girl, which led several to suppose that it could be a new love conquest, rumors that of course increased uncertainty.

The truth is that the identity of the woman has finally been revealed, so the reason behind this closeness is already known, which increased media attention around the world towards the actor.

In the released images, the legendary American actor can be seen walking through the backstage area accompanied by the mysterious girl, whom the actor also helps to load his backpack while they go to the van that was moving them.

Now, after an arduous investigation, it has been discovered that the woman is a French teacher, who is supporting the actor in perfecting the language as part of a new film he is working on, according to reports from the DailyMail.

Without a doubt, this explains the reason for the attitude of both, because despite being close and smiling, they were never affectionate, although he always remained warm and helpful with her, as the actor is always used to.

The woman was staying at the hotel. brufani, where Depp was also staying, which immediately led to the assumption that it could be someone from his work team, a not distant version of reality.

According to the aforementioned means, the teacher supports the actor with the teaching of the language french for the next film that this one has in the door, the tape Jeanne DuBarry, inspired by the real life of a seamstress’s daughter who became the king’s last mistress Louis XV in the century XVIII.

In this project, Depp will play louis, this being his first film role for three years, which has raised expectations among his followers, massively excited to see him return to the screens, after the period in which he remained involved in legal aspects related to his ex-wife, the also actress Amber Heard.