The prince harry has sparked a major controversy on the internet, with many casting doubt on everything he wrote in his new book after he recounted an apparently false anecdote that was made public, leading to his testimony being deemed unreliable.

Dozens of journalists and real experts analyzed the story that the prince harry told in his biography after the book of the Duke of Sussex. Then GB News discovered certain inconsistencies that led to a whirlwind of comments directed at the youngest son Lady Di.

It was learned that Harry He stated that after his great-grandmother passed away in March 2002, when he was barely a teenager, he received a call from the institute “Eton» with the news of the death of the Queen Mother.

In The prince wrote:

I got a phone call at Eton when I was studying. I wish I could remember whose voice it was on the other end of the line, he was a courtier I think. I remember it was just before Easter, the weather was bright and warm, and the light was coming through my windows, full of colors, and they say, Her Royal Highness, the Queen Mother has passed away.

But according to the historical data of that time, the prince could not be at the school because he was caught elsewhere. According to GB NewsHarry, who was 17 at the time, was out of Eton and they assure that he was skiing in Switzerland with his father and brother William at the time you received the call.

The media outlet said:

The 38-year-old described the “bright and warm” time he was having at Eton when he got the call. But the report notes that the Harry, who was 17 at the time, wasn’t even in the UK and was actually skiing in Switzerland.

As a consequence, everything else Harry has written is being questioned by many as an unreliable version of reality, because apparently not even the prince harry really knows what life is like in the royal family.

GB News ended by saying:

This is a serious error in a highly controversial book. Prince Harry’s account of where he was when the Queen Mother died is patently false and casts doubt on the authenticity of the book. People wonder how many other mistakes are inside the book.