The renowned Irish boxer and wrestler Conor McGregor, He would have been seen in a compromising scene with another unknown man, which has generated all kinds of comments on social networks and even affirming that it would be his partner.

In the last few hours, a photograph of the martial arts fighter Conor MacGregor, where he is seen romantically sharing with another man on a luxurious yacht.

According to what some Internet users stated in the social media, That mysterious man would be his true partner, something that truly impressed more than one fan of the renowned fighter.

However, and after I know that the filtered photo was well detailed, it was possible to confirm that the man on the yacht is not macgregor but someone who looks a lot like him.

Despite the clarification, there have been many people who believed that it was the Irishman, since the resemblance is quite noticeable between the Irish and one of the men seen on the yacht, is quite conspicuous.

However, it was already clarified that it was not about him and therefore it was confirmed that Conor McGregor She does not have a boyfriend at the moment nor has she ever had one, so the spread rumor has only been a smokescreen into which many of us had fallen.