They didn’t want to cast Robert Pattinson in Twilight because of his shabby appearance.

American film director and producer Catherine Hardwicke revealed details of the casting for the film “Twilight”. She shared her memories on the podcast Happy Sad Confused.

She said that she initially did not want to take the British actor Robert Pattinson for the role of Edward Cullen due to his shabby appearance. “He just had black bangs instead of hair, and he was out of shape because he hung out in pubs all the time. And he actually came to the audition in a stained shirt,” admitted Hardwick.

After the audition, the producers called her and asked if she could make him transform. “I think yes. Have you seen his cheekbones? We’ll do his hair, he’ll start training and he’ll be great,” the director replied then.

In March 2022, Robert Pattinson shared way of his extreme weight loss for the role of Bruce Wayne in the movie “Batman”. He stated that for three months he had to regularly perform difficult training and follow a strict diet.

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