In recent days, a fragment of a video of the representative of Venezuela in it Miss Universe Amanda Dudamel where he was allegedly attacking his fellow contestants. However, it has been confirmed that the video was taken out of context by accounts from Colombia Y Dominican Republic, that they were trying to make the representative of the Caribbean country look bad.

Amanda Dudamel, a young woman of only 23 years of age, is currently the top favorite to take the crown of Miss Universe. The venezuelan He has a truly enviable resume, which has earned him great popularity in networks for his impeccable projection and content to represent his country.

Fashion designer, polyglot, philanthropist, model, seamstress and athlete, are just some of the virtues of this young Miss facing the Miss Universe. However, a video began to be released on social networks in which he was allegedly attacking his companions, which is actually taken out of context.

The video, which was published by Amanda Dudamel herself on her official account on Instagram, in reality it was a joke for his partner and representative of Spain, which also claims him for “taking photos with others and not with her.”

In the video, it can be seen how they actually took only part of the video to take it out of context, which was precisely where Amanda jokingly told her partner that “she didn’t show some of them on camera because they weren’t very nice.” .

The origin of the video taken out of context, dates from some hate accounts from Colombia and the Dominican Republic, which were in charge of disclosing the small part of the video to take it out of context and lie to all of us.

In the meantime, Amanda Dudamel She continues to consolidate her great favoritism in the contest, and at this moment she is in the #1 position of the vast majority of predictions and missologists around the world, who assure her that she will be the great winner of the contest.