various media Spanish people They have begun to reveal that the alleged agreement that the couple would have had is merely false, since at the moment, they are still in legal negotiations.

According to what the program had quoted The Hot Table issued by Telemundo, Shakira Y Pique they had reached an agreement where the artist could take the two children to Miami:

“Piqué agreed to Shakira moving to Miami and she promised five first class tickets each year so that he can visit his children, he also agreed to pay him 20% of a debt of 2 million dollars that he has in Spain”, the footballer would have accepted the alleged agreement.

However, today the previous statement cited by the Telemundo program has been denied. The media La Vanguardia has denied the news, assuring between the lines that “it is not true”, explaining that the agreements have only been based on the custody of minors, not “on economic fringes”.

The medium also ensures that the information it handles about the situation of the famous does not confirm the assertion that some media have made. In addition, the media added that the hypothesis that Gerard Piqué was about to be a member of the Inter Miami team is not a fact and is not even confirmed.

“Not even in theories like that Piqué would sign soon for Inter de Miami to be close to the children”, can be read in the article.