The popular spanish soccer player He went through a bad moment in his most recent match with the Real Madrid, thanks to the boos he received for cheating on his now ex-wife.

Soccer fans expressed their support for Shakira for being the victim of infidelity by Piqué, during a classic friendly match between Real Madrid and Barcelona Fc, in Las Vegas, United States

Semana magazine stated that in the classic, where more than 50 thousand fans attended, thousands of fans began to chant the name of the Colombian over and over again just at the moment Piqué entered the field.

Some netizens on social media explicitly pointed out that “Shakira is backing up.”

“The Latin fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona agree on something… Shakira is supported! Boos and cries of “Shakira” for Piqué from both hobbies”, read on Twitter.

For its part, Shakira He has not commented on what happened in the stadium, and probably he will not, since according to the press that closely follows his divorce process with the soccer player, The now former couple have a non-aggression agreement, so as not to harm their children.