the controversial puerto rican ragpicker He has been harshly criticized for publishing some embarrassing photographs of his current wife doing a private act, the photographs are undoubtedly scandalous.

Anuel AA is in the eye of the hurricane after filtering in his official account of Instagram some photographs of yailin the most viral, while he is eating his sausage in a swimming pool

The photographs, despite the fact that they were deleted by the rag man minutes after they were published, quickly became viral on other social networks, evidencing the act that both personalities were doing.

Criticism of Anuel has not been long in coming, where various followers and Internet users allege that the only reason why the interpreter of “little baby” is to get attention and be in the mouth of everyone

These were some of the comments left by some Internet users around the photographs published in Anuel’s stories:

“It is so disgusting to see how a person who has so many followers on their social networks dares to post these things. They definitely have to be very urgent of attention”.

“What a shame that couple is, they need a lot of self-esteem, those photographs are just disgusting”

“Somebody send Anuel and Yailin to buy dignity, because they definitely don’t have it”

And you, what do you think about these embarrassing Photographs?