The piñata they have created of the member of bts It is extremely similar to the Idol, so much so that it would be the ideal piñata for any ARMY.

Could you imagine being able to have a piñata from your favorite artist for your birthday? This Mexican artist has returned a piñata identical to Jimin, member of the group of Kpop BTS. And the result has fascinated all his fans.

Is about JMPP, a Mexican artist who creates handmade piñatas from scratch and under his creativity. Through his channel Youtube, the artist shared the process of creating Jimin’s piñata.

The creator was inspired by the idol with blue hair and a suit, his creator shared the photos in which he was inspired to form the face of the Korean idol, who is one of the most recognized Kpop artists in the world.

Furthermore, so that all ARMY can make his own BTS piñata, the artist published three videos where you can see how he is putting it together, using the already traditional materials.

The artist explains step by step to be able to make the exact replica of Jimin. In his profile you can find the complete videos to learn how to make this beautiful piñata, and who says no, also make piñatas of the other six members of bangtan.