gerard Pique and Clara Chía have been in a lot of headlines in the media due to the ex-soccer player’s ex-partner, Shakira, who has generated a lot of news for the songs dedicated to his ex-partner. Also due to her recent worldwide success with the Argentine producer, bizarresince in the song the Colombian woman hinted at gerard, clearalready his ex mother in law.

One of the most recent news of the new couple is that the international media have completely confused clear chiathe 23-year-old girlfriend of gerard Piquewith a recognized model of onlyfans. This situation has brought many problems to the model, as she assured that she has received a huge number of attacks from the fans of the Colombian singer.

We are talking about the model Daniel Faewho the only thing that resembles Clara is her blonde hair and age, since the model is the same age as Clara’s girlfriend. gerard Pique23 years.

This confusion occurred until the American model appeared in a video of TikTok explaining the situation and asking that they stop confusing her with Clara, because this was bringing her many problems in her life, although on the other hand, it is believed that this confusion would be helping her in her modeling career on social networks.

Do you think that this confusion would be helping the model in her career?