The Latin artists were seen on dates and dinners together, which has done nothing more than confirm the rumors that the two are dating.

When there was talk of an alleged romance between Colombian reggaeton players Karol G and Feid, Both left some clues that could confirm everything, although the fact of going out publicly and saying that they are a couple is something that will depend on each of them or depends on time.

It was in recent weeks when rumors of a possible romance between the singers began, since they have been seen repeatedly walking in the streets of Madrid Spain. And even also enjoying the holidays together.

However, it was during Karol G’s tour “Bichota Tour” when the alerts were turned on, because when Karol appeared in Spain, many curious people caught them eating in a restaurant in Madrid.

Although the singers tried to hide and came out covered with tablecloths, fans realized it was them and began asking for photos and autographs. All this was recorded on video, so there was no way to spread the news on all social networks.

However, both artists managed to quickly escape from the cameras waiting for them outside this European restaurant.

Until now, both musicians have denied the rumors, but social networks refuse to believe them, since there have been numerous opportunities where they have been seen together.