After months of rumors about who would be the replacement for the British actor henry cavill in Superman, A prestigious American outlet has revealed who will be the actor in charge of putting on the iconic superhero’s robe, someone who had already been linked to numerous rumors surrounding the role.

When it was confirmed that Henry Cavill had been fired by executives at DC Comics of his starring role in Superman, the social media they turned to show their support for the British actor.

The vast majority did not agree with the decision, they considered that Cavill was still the perfect actor to continue playing the iconic superhero. But the wishes of DC they were headed for a new Man of Steel story.

After the statements of the producer, the public began to wonder about who was going to be the actor who was going to replace Henry Cavill in Superman. And now, after numerous rumors, a prestigious American media has revealed and confirmed the actor that he will take the role.

According to Deuxmoi, who also succeeded with the signing of the American singer, songwriter and actress Lady Gaga for the sequel to joker, has now published a leak that ensures that Australian actor Jacob Elordi will be the one to take the role of Superman from the next installment.

This revelation agrees with all the rumors that have been going on for months, which already affirmed the popular actor for the role, despite the fact that many people did not mainly believe those rumors.

And you, do you like the actor? jacob elordi like the new Superman?