The Prince Andrew, youngest son of the deceased Queen isabel II and brother of the current King Charles III of United Kingdom, He is in the eye of the hurricane after confirming a series of accusations linked to his scandal of sexual abuse and trafficking of minors.

If there is a scandal that has made a lot of noise and has considerably damaged the British royal family, It is the accusations of sexual abuse that Prince Andrew has received, who for years has seen how his image has been harmed through this scandal.

However, some evidence that could confirm part of his accusations had not yet come out. Until yesterday, where a leaked Photography together with one of his minor victims, and whose photo had mainly been said to be false.

In the image, the Duke of York is shown embracing Virginia Roberts, which was 17 years old at the time the photograph was taken. This enormous and very controversial controversy has been damaging the image of the British Prince for 12 years. But with this compelling new evidence, an arrest warrant can be issued against him.

At this, the prince andrew he is also being expelled from the royal family, as the criticism and image of the British monarchy were being hit hard by the untold weight of his scandal.