He King Emeritus Spain, Juan Carlos I, father of the current King Felipe VI and one of the most controversial members of the spanish royalty, He continues to uncover dark secrets from his past. And it is that now, the name of an alleged unrecognized daughter that the former monarch had out of wedlock with the Queen Sofia, something that is not ethical for a member of royalty, but that in the hands of Juan, it did happen and this is his story.

The renowned journalists Jose Maria Olmo and David Fernandez in the book ‘Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos I’ (Books of the KO), which goes on sale on May 8, have provided details of the alleged little sister of King Felipe and the princesses elena and Christina, the result of an extramarital relationship that the King emeritus had in the 70s.

Although for several years these rumors they had already come to light, I don’t know they had provided sources for confirm the theory. But now, three important tests have even been shown that confirm the illegitimate daughter that the former monarch Spanish he had while he was married to Reina Sofía.

Juan Carlos I would have had a third daughter after the Infanta Elena (59 years old), the Infanta Cristina (57) and King Felipe (55) were born, the result of a extramarital affair with an aristocrat who was very close to Operetta.

Although it is an old story, and secret to the Spanish people but not for many journalists, as is also the case with pillar eyre, that has been echoing it in recent years, without revealing the identity of its protagonist. However, that has not lasted long, since with the recent book released, it has been known that she is called Alexandra.

Alejandra would be of similar age to the king Philip, was born at the end of the 70s, beginning of the 80s, the result of the relationship of the monarch, who was then around 30 years old, with an aristocrat older than him whom he met when they were both young: “They shared friends and a passion for hunting,” the book says.

The book authors They have confirmed the existence of Alejandra by three important sources that put the former head of state in check. A “former lover of the King” emeritus to whom he confessed the paternity of the young woman”, a “businessman who has been a friend of Juan Carlos I for decades and has shared a friendship for six decades”, and an “old boyfriend of Alejandra, whom she also recognized as having a relationship with the Royal family”.

At this, the King Emeritus of Spain, Juan Carlos I, Now he is seeing how the entire Spanish population finds out about his great secret, which was kept in Operetta since a long time ago.