He prince harry has left the UK, just as quickly as he finished his father’s first coronation ceremony, the King Carlos III, who on Saturday was crowned as the new monarch of the nation. However, the controversy that overwhelms royalty is still present, and now it has been revealed that his youngest son was not invited to the famous greeting from the balcony of the Buckingham Palace.

He Duke of Sussex, He was not formally invited to the historic greeting that the British royal family made from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, after the coronation of Carlos III and Camilla Parker how the new kings of the nation.

This fact has aroused endless criticism, since some characters who do not belong to the british Royalty, if they had the opportunity to be in the important salute.

This has been reported by sources familiar with the matter to the chain skynews, where they have detailed that the prince did not receive a formal invitation for this act that is quite typical in the royal families of all the world.

He prince harry abandonment London the instant his father was crowned. The fate of him; return to his house California, United States, to spend some time with his son, the Prince Archie, that he was celebrating his birthday the same day that his grandfather was crowned.