After they leaked the letters that the King Charles III shipped with her daughter-in-law, former American actress Meghan Markle, it has been confirmed that it was the monarch who made a series of comments that could be considered as “racists”, since he questioned the skin color that his grandson was going to have Archie, himself who will be four years old on May 6, the same day of his official coronation.

On Friday, the British newspaper The Telegraph He published an article detailing what King Carlos III and Meghan Markle said to each other through some letters that were sent to each other.

In it, members of the british Royalty, They expressed their differences and opinions according to an event that caused a lot of scandal since it was reported.

In the year 2021, the Dukes of Sussex they had an interview with Oprah Winfrey. There, the former American actress stated that a member of the Royal family he was speculating about the possible skin tone his son Archie would have.

And now, with the leak of these cards, it has been revealed that it was the King who would have done that questioning. However, he made it clear to his daughter-in-law, that he had not done it in a “racist” way.

Even Meghan in the letter also tells him that she did not consider it racist. However, much of the public considers that these speculations can be branded as racist, since speculating about the possible skin tone of the baby, it was a way of showing “concern” about the genes of the future The prince.

Public opinion is divided, as some claim that the King Charles III he hasn’t done anything wrong. Others claim that Meghan Markle only seeks fame and attention, while others detail that the british royalty if it has some racist touches.