He King Charles III of the United Kingdom, if he kept his promises and has evicted the prince andrew of the Buckingham Palace, thanks to the serious complaints he faces for child abuse and human trafficking.

It’s official; Prince Andrew is no longer a member of the royal family british. The serious accusations that he carries on his shoulders could not be ignored, and his older brother and current monarch of the British crown knows it very well.

The youngest son of the deceased Queen isabel II, He has been directly accused of having sexually abused a 17-year-old girl, something that is extremely serious and that stained the image of the Royal family.

His links to the scandal of Jeffrey Epstein, They have made his reputation fall to the ground, to the point that his family has taken away all the financial support he previously gave him.

He King Carlos III accelerated the process of expulsion of his brother, and did not place any impediment to try to save him, contrary to his mother, who sought all possible ways to protect her son.

Numerous media have applauded the position of Charles III, since this type of situation should not go through something in any institution, much less if that institution is nothing more and nothing less than the british monarchy.