According to what a biographer of the British royal family Has expressed, kate middleton wife of Prince William, would have been angry with Queen Camilla Parker the day of the coronation. The reasons? They would be tied to the long list of guests that the monarch was able to bring to the official coronation on May 6, as opposed to the small list that Kate was able to bring.

Through an interview on the British program Don Wootton tonight, the royal biographer Tom Bower, has claimed that Kate Middleton refused to curtsey in front of Camilla as she left the westminster abbey after the coronation of King Charles III last May 6.

The reason? The guest list at event, that would have upset the Princess of Wales and also her new husband, who is preparing to become the new monarch of the nation

The princes of wales They were upset that Middleton was only able to invite four members of her family to the coronation while Camilla was able to invite 20 people from her family. social circle to be present at this historic ceremony.

“Camilla brought 20 Parker Bowles to the coronation and there were four Middletons,” Bower said, as reproduced. The New York Post, and added that the Middleton brothers were not allowed to go with their partners, something that Kate found unfair.

“If you look at the coronation pictures, as the King and Queen leave their thrones and walk out of Westminster Abbey, you will see everyone bow and curtsy to the King and no one moves a limb, a muscle, when Camila passes by, ”said the biographer. “And that’s because they were mad at Camilla.”

Given this scenario, the uncertainty about the relationship that Kate Middleton could have with Camilla Parker, continues to grow. However, any problem that arises between the two will not be revealed to the press and will remain as anonymous as possible.