the brazilian footballer Neymar Jr discovered the young and popular French footballer kylian mbappe in a mini pool, where he was supposedly going to start giving himself pleasure. The photos, taken from a video from months ago, went viral on social media. social media.

neymar Y mbappe They have been characterized by the great friendship they have made by being teammates in the soccer club Paris Saint Germain. In this club, the popular athletes have forged a great brotherhood, which has allowed them to make all kinds of jokes.

One of them came from the Brazilian soccer player, who caught the Frenchman in a rather compromising scene, where the player commented on the photo that he was taking a “puñeta” (masturbate)

In the photo posted by neymar be seen «Donatello» no boxer sitting in a spa, holding his phone with one hand. At that moment the Brazilian arrives and takes the photograph that undoubtedly caused a stir among Internet users.

The photo went around the world, since kylian mbappe It has gained enormous popularity due to the large size that it boasts of its member. What has made him capture the attention of millions of Internet users around the world.

in the recent Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022, The Frenchman was one of the main stars of the event, thanks to the fact that he was the top scorer in the tournament and for all the photos he left with his bulging member that causes a sensation among men and women alike.

The public LGBT She is also a big fan of the Frenchman, since until recently she had a relationship with the transgender model Ines Rau, demonstrating in this way that for him there are no heteronormative stereotypes that traditionally exist within the soccer.

And you, what do you think of the compromising scene starring kylian mbappe?