In the middle of the trip that the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué did to Miami, it has been reported that his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti she spent a crazy night with her friends, where she spilled drinks and ended up on the street, drunk and thrown while bursting with laughter. The photos have quickly given a lot to talk about, since it is the first time that the young woman has been seen in this state.

After several months in which the main media Spain massively harassed Clara Chia Martí, it seems that they have finally stopped exerting pressure on her. This has meant that the catalan can feel more secure in public and in turn agree to go out with their friends.

And that is precisely what she did while her famous boyfriend traveled to Miami to see their two children, who now live with their mother Shakira, and of which Clara Chia could not see.

However, she had the most divine time in Barcelona, since he went out drinking with several of his friends, who did not hesitate to photograph her in a state of drunkness.

the mexican program ‘How cool’ in Image Television, revealed the images of Clara Chía where she is seen having the best time with some friends, and according to the photographs, they correspond to the days that Piqué was in Miami with his children.

Some believe that the 23-year-old has the right to have fun without having to think about whether they are going to be recording or taking photos. Whatever the circumstances for which Pique preferred to Clara Chia Marti above Shakira, They should not be a pretext to harass her to these points.