The couple formed by the Mexican singer Christian Nodal and the Argentine rapper Cazzu, They have been caught while they were in a hotel jacuzzi, doing private things and dancing very sensually.

Cazzu and Christian Nodal have once again stolen the eyes of the internatuas of social networks and the media, and it is that they have been captured in a hotel jacuzzi, which has generated all kinds of reactions on the web.

Through social networks, the video began to circulate where you can see cazzu Y Nodal in in the jacuzzi. However, the Argentine stole the spotlight when she danced for her partner in a very sensual and romantic way for her beloved and famous boyfriend.

In the video, Nodal is seen sitting in the jacuzzi while Cazzu is standing and talking with him. Suddenly the Argentine singer begins to dance sensually, and the Mexican interpreter at that moment tried to spank her.

The relationship of cazzu Y Christian Nodal initially caused a stir in social networks, since the Mexican had just finished his romance with Belinda, and whose romance did not end on very good terms.

At the end of it all, the relationship Nodal with the Argentine rapper, he has been winning the affection of the public, who affirms that he is much better than Belinda, who was more “diva” and interested in money.

And you, do you like the romance between Christian Nodal Y cazzu?