Serhiy Solomenko’s sons are not the same as two since they finally emerged from a cellar in Makariv, Ukraine, where they hid on the surface for several weeks during the Russian occupation. At twelve-year-old Jaroslav and seven-year-old Vlad, something changed. They do not have a normal appetite, they are not so playful, they have a problem remembering the things they learned in the bike, their father, who is a doctor in a local hospital.

These are born, and in the future they will be more and more. The physical destruction caused by the wolf is especially evident, with more than a thousand civilians and tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides in ten weeks. Ostelovn decimated the city. In addition, there is also a code, you can see psychological trauma at first sight.

According to experts, his symptoms appear first and most clearly in children. Some people were imprisoned in the fighting, some saw terrible things, some lost close, others heard explosions, said Olga Volyncov, a psychologist from Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health (UFPH). Everyone in Ukraine is traumatized by this wolf in some way, she said.

The situation in Ukraine is a crisis of protection of children of extraordinary proportions, which we were able to go. The wolf affected the mental well-being of all children in Ukraine, said by the arrest of May Aaron Greenberg from the UNICEF Children’s Fund.

Two aunts of all Ukrainian children had to leave their homes, gave up their relatives and many of them cope with the illness of their fathers and older brothers who are deployed. And most importantly, many children witnessed it physical and sexual nsilGreenberg said

The invasion was very marked in Makariv, one kilometer from Kiev, where ten thousand people lived in front of the wolf. Artillery fire destroyed two hundred buildings and another 600 were severely damaged by the other central hospital, where Solimenko and his wife Olga, who were also working, work for eight years.

Unlike most of the city’s inhabitants, he decided to stay and take care of the morning. In addition to physical injuries, but after the release of a growing wave of children with mental sweat. Let’s see children who can not spt, help me, grow up talking or stutter, poured Solomenko leaf The Times.

Some behave aggressively, others close in on themselves. Many float when they hear sounds or sirens. Jin even vomits, he added. Some children were traumatized by the specific event. When we evacuated, my eight-year-old son saw corpses. He laughed and said, “Look, this is a Russian without a head. And later, when he was safe, he started crying, said Halyna Romannkov, director of the Makariv Hospital.

A psychologist is an acute deficiency

The health care system in Ukraine is due to wolf five. Psychologists miss you, especially you specialize in children. But even experienced experts often do not know how to work with both. I have never been traumatized by conflict. We have to deal with this issue, said psychologist Inna Zakalijov from UFPH.

According to UNICEF, it is now essential to get help to the city. Our priorities include increasing investment in local health organizations. But it is not easy to find enough experts to help, because social workers, child psychologists and other experts are affected by this conflict in the same way as other Ukrainians, said Greenberg.

UNICEF According to him, throughout Ukraine deployed 56 mobile units that provide specialized medical services to traumatized children. Twelve of them poured out at the entrance, where he now poured out of the fight.

Greenberg warned that the most affected children are likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder. And between the two and the two sweat that were traumatized. This group will need intensive support from professionals, he noted.

According to Solomenek, the situation is complicated by the closed wheels, which have been replaced by online education. Don’t have a routine. They can’t play with other children. It takes a lot of time for electronic devices. We have lost what children need most to feel safe and safe. I want to make the island safe and reassure them that this will soon be over.