Where did you come from and how did you get on the Sluchtko line?
Pochzm from Kharkov. I drank to the Czech Republic 6th grade. At the arrest, my family and I lived with one family. Then the people found out about the situation and they offered the house that we had at our disposal. We are now in an apartment in Prague.

He sent me a CV to various organizations, and they called me from the Sluchtko Therapeutic Line.

You’re a psychologist. Have you dealt with a father from Ukraine?
Before the wolf in 2014, I had a private psychotherapeutic practice. When the wolf began, I was part of the UNFPA mobile team at the UN with social and psychological assistance to those who became difficult in all areas. Tm went to towns where there were groups of migrants. In the darkness, which had 125 psychologists, I focused on helping the disabled people who lived. I had such experience from my private practice.

it was my first experience in such a large international organization that deals with this darkness. Working in mobile darkness was probably the darkest thing I experienced in my practice. Labor was not limited in time, the people were in very severe mental states. After that, I set up my own social health fund, which dealt with rehabilitation, the force of the force.

Sluchtko Therapeutic Line

It is intended to know who will be sown in Ukraine. The call is available on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm and there are six anonymous calls available free of charge. The staff speaks Czech and English, both Ukrainian and Russian.

How many people piblin vol and how often are their problems?
He had a lot longer to choose them, because they find out about us. Overall, it is about the people’s plates. Their problems will change over time depending on the life situation. Call in case, eu have in zazen (They have a place to live, what you are, you have confirmed, editor’s note).

Let’s talk most often about wanting home again. This then allows the people of Brno to adapt in a new environment. Even though they have everything and work for you, they have a living, pension and food and clothes. Anyway, they are mentally under my thugs at home in Ukraine and can not detach themselves from it.

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Could you give an example, may you meet with the client?
They experience a sleep fault, they cannot or will not work normally. One client from the therapy groups told me that I could not imagine how long she should be. You are in Europe, safe, but there are a lot of Russians here. He wants many of them to be a lot of people, but I’m not afraid to be safe, because he doesn’t know who I know. Which of them actually stuffed the vlen nsil and which did not. He is confused, lost on how to orient himself in the situation.

We are ready for patients from Ukraine, as well as gynecologists

You changed that it’s nron also for vs. What do you have to do with yourself?
In the dark we have a supervisor, a very experienced psychologist who works with them. Help us with regular supervision. Every psychologist on the line comes to him for help to get rid of the stress and stress that he puts on himself. Much during the composition of the dark, it was important for us to have stress-resistant psychologists and therapists. So they know how they should work with each other and how much stress they can handle.

And how do you work with people, when do you call the line?
Each client has hours of free help. When he calls for the first time, the psychologist will have fifty minutes and they can arrange another session or call me again.