The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, suffered a very awkward moment being booed and scorned in Mexico, while making an appearance at the Esland Awards, where the great support that the public has with Shakira.

The contempt that the general public and other users of the social media feel at the moment towards the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is quite big, caused mostly by the way he left Shakira for Clara Chia Marti having separated.

This reaction of criticism towards the Catalan even extends to events, and it was in this way that the former midfielder of the Barcelona Fc, suffered a massive boo at the Esland Awards held at the Mexico City, Mexico.

In the middle of the award ceremony, the ex-soccer player and president of the kings league made an appearance for a scant ten seconds while the clips for the award of ‘Streamer of the Year’, category in which his friend Ibai Llanos was and who ended up taking the prize.

While Ibai was awarded as the ‘Streamer of the Year’, Piqué appeared for a few seconds in the video. However, when the Spaniard appeared in the clip, the people in the auditorium revealed their discontent against him.

The video has quickly gone viral on social networks, as it represents the collective opinion that the public currently feels against the ex of the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.

The truth of all this is that the Catalan will have to adapt to all these situations, since the decisions he has made with his life have not been accepted by the public opinion.