The popular and veteran American actor caused a stir on social networks after being seen with a mysterious woman in Italy, reasons why a great wave of rumors of a possible romance has been generated.

The actor Johnny Depp traveled a few days ago to the European country of Italy, specifically, to the Jazz festival in umbria, to guest star alongside his touring friend, guitarist Jeff Beck. There he arrived in a vehicle from which he got out with the woman and they were even seen in the same hotel.

Backgrid published the photos in which you can see the interpreter of the iconic Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean next to a tall woman with red hair, both heading towards a van.

As explained TheDailyMail, both were seen together again in the Hotel of perugia, where the artist was staying those days. At the moment, Depp has not commented on the matter, but social networks and numerous media and portals have begun to spread the rumor of a possible romance with the mysterious girl.

Right now, Johnny Depp is in a good moment of his life, he has made numerous trips to various countries of Europe on the occasion of his musical tour with Jeff Beck. In fact, both released a cover music album and two original songs written by Depp, where one alludes to his stormy relationship with his ex-wife. Amber Heard.