The British Royal Family is in the midst of several controversies, but this time due to a supposed marital crisis between the prince william and Kate Middleton. After the statements by the Princess of Wales assuring that her husband was no longer careful with her, rumors began to circulate about a possible infidelity of her heir to the throne with Rose Hanburyhis former lover.

The British press was in expectation of what was going to happen on Valentine’s Day, speculating that Buckingham Palace had cleared the way for the prince william could meet her lover. However, Valentine’s Day passed without any love messages from the couple, which increased suspicions of the marital crisis.

Last year, William sent him to Kate Middleton a huge box with 50 roses and a letter, but this year there was no sign of a gift. Rumors say that William is currently in love with his lover, Rose Hanburywho was the best friend of the princess of Wales, and who would be looking to move forward with the divorce to separate from Kate Middleton.

Although there has been talk of a possible romance between the prince and Hanbury for years, the situation worsened in 2019 when some images came to light in which they were seen very close. For this reason, Middleton forbade her husband’s lover to attend some royal event again and broke his bond of friendship with her.

The marital crisis between prince william and Kate has all the attention of the press and the followers of British royalty, waiting to see what can happen in the coming months for their relationship.