A renowned expert lawyer in defamation cases has stated that the legendary American actor has a very complicated case, ensuring that the entire process is extremely tedious and therefore quite difficult to win.

The global news outlet CNN covered a special program where they analyzed the legal confrontation that currently exists between the famous and controversial ex-partner. There they spoke with the lawyer vance owen, who shed some light on the actor’s situation Johnny Depp, but also recognizing that it is very difficult for him to win the case against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

“A defamation case has four elements: the first is that there is a false statement by the person, that it is transmitted to third parties, that it is made with harmful intent and, the fourth, that it causes damage to the reputation of the other,” Vance stated. Owen.

However, the lawyer made special emphasis on a peculiarity in American justice, where he confessed that it is more difficult for a public person to prove this type of situation. The lawyer explained:

“The tricky thing is that the US Supreme Court makes a distinction between public figures and non-celebrities. The first ones have to prove an additional element, which is that the statement was made with malice, and that is going to be the problem for Johnny Depp, “adds Owen.

“That is a very complicated element for Deep, the problem is going to be that to verify that the article she did with malice will be very complicated for him, because she did not even mention him,” Owen clarified.

Who do you think will end up winning this controversial legal case?