It is no longer a secret that Gerard Piqué he was unfaithful to his ex-partner, the Colombian singer, Shakirawith Clara Chia Marti, a much younger woman. But lately, the current couple of the ex-soccer player has been the object of criticism and controversy, for ending a happy marriage of 12 years and two children.

Clara Chía Martí, who was a total stranger until the moment of starring in one of the love breakups of a celebrity controversial in recent years, is also made of the same wood as Gerard pique, or at least this is what various media and rumors in Spain claim.

And it is that details about the love life of Clara Chía Martí have recently been discovered, according to a famous journalist from the Iberian country, her relationship with Piqué was built “in lies” and “hurting others”. And these rumors deal with the fact that Clara was also unfaithful to her previous partner to now be with Gerard Piqué.

He paparazzi who revealed these details also says that in his “special coverage” of Clara before meeting Piqué, he discovered that she was dating a friend of the former soccer player, who worked at his company Kosmos.

«Piqué has a best friend. Clara was the girlfriend of the brother of that friend of Piqué. Since they met, he had a crush on the girl (…) «. After this, it turns out that Pique remains dissatisfied By taking the girlfriend of his precious friend’s brother, he kicks him out of his company.

Currently the couple has not spoken publicly about their relationship, but we are sure of one thing and that is that Clara Chía Martí and Gerard Piqué are one for each, for which many followers of the singer assure that Shakira has not really lost anything.