It is no coincidence that many people prefer these beautiful, intelligent and friendly birds to other pets. They are valued not only for their external attractiveness, but also for their high intellectual abilities. In particular, for the ability to copy human speech. Biologists have named the species of the most talkative parrots in the world.


Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh systematized data on the phenomenon of the reproduction of various sounds and human speech by parrots as part of the What Polly Says? project.

Zoologists received information from parrot owners who observed their pets and recorded the results in their reports. Data on 900 individuals representing 73 species of parrots were analyzed.

The best sounds were reproduced by Jaco parrots, which memorized an average of 60 words. Particularly gifted individuals managed to learn up to 80 or even more phonemes. In addition, they adequately answered various questions, correctly determined the outlines of objects, as well as their number, and accurately distinguished colors.

Jacos are able to formulate their desires in words, for example, to ask to move his cage to another place or not to leave one in the house. In addition, this type of parrot is long-lived – their bird age can be up to 70 years. There is recorded information about 90-year-old Jacos.

Cockatoos, Amazons, macaws, cockatiels and budgerigars also like to “chat” with their owners. Although their vocabulary is not so great (on average 20-30 words), this is quite enough to cheer up the household and amaze guests with the abilities of their favorite bird.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told about a parrot claiming the title of bird of the year. When he was removed from participation, the fans were outraged.