Clara Chia, player’s current girlfriend Gerard Piquéis accused of wanting to look like Shakirabut the singer’s followers criticize her for her false behavior.

After Shakira Y Gerard Piqué announced their separation, driven by the infidelity of the player to the singer, with his current girlfriend Clara Chiathe paparazzi track the current couple at all times, capturing their every move.

before this chia It has been dissatisfied and prevents it from being recorded, which is why the followers affirm that the model wants to look like the Colombian with some wrong behaviors.

The media caught the couple in the car of Pique recently, after arriving at an important event of the ex-soccer player, it would be a project of the ex-player’s company, Kosmos.

In the images and videos shared by the followers, you can see the ex of Shakira distracted on his cell phone, while clear is noticing that they are being filmed, after this, Pique he shows something to his girlfriend on his cell phone, and she warns him that they are being recorded.

And when gerard accelerate the car, Clara Chia hides and hides his face from the person who recorded it, for which reason Internet users affirm that it is not Shakira so that she should hide from the cameras, and that she shouldn’t try to look like her because her fame is not as remarkable as the singer’s.