Web users were shocked to find out that two stars of the series “XO, Kitty” are actually siblings, even the casting directors didn’t know, until they finally cast them, “XO, Kitty” is one of the series most popular on Netflix since it is the spin-off of the successful franchise ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’.

The series follows the romantic story of Kitty played by Anna Cathcart, who is the younger sister of Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor.

Many fans of the series were stunned to discover that two of the actors are actually brothers, that’s right, we are talking about Gia Kim and Sang Heon Lee, both actors turned out to be blood relatives, something that nobody imagined, not even the directors. of the program.

In an interview that has been shared on social media, Gia Kim wanted to share information about her upbringing with her followers and revealed that she grew up in Asia between Korea and Hong Kong. After this, the actress would make a revelation that would surprise many of those present. She gave them a taste of the confession when she began to point out various similarities and experiences that matched Sang Heon Lee’s, and it was right after that she would confirm what was never suspected, “We are brothers,” Kim commented, the public never expects to hear that.

Not only the reaction of the fans, but also the face that Anna Cathcart made when she remembered how she felt the first time she found out that they were brothers. She was even funnier, and this is normal, since her last names are different, no one could even imagine it.