British newspapers regularly publish opinion polls in which the British public calls for the The prince Harry Y Meghan Markle lose the title of Duke of Sussex for the strong attacks made on the monarchy, but Buckingham Palace has so far been very careful with its statements to avoid making them martyrs.

Now it all seems to depend on whether Prince Harry’s broken relationship with his brother and father can be mended, as they can strip him of his official title, not just Duke of Sussex, but also Duke of Sussex. count of Dumbartonwhich he uses in Scotland, and the title of Baron kilkeelwhich represents in Northern Ireland.

After the Netflix series «Harry and meghan» and shortly before the publication of the book «Spare«, where he makes strong revelations and for this reason 44% of the British voted that the titles should be removed and 32% voted to keep them.

The Queen Isabel II bestowed the title of Sussex on his favorite grandson when he married Meghan Markle in May 2018. Title that before Harry Y Meghan it had last been used by Augustus Frederick IX, son of King George III, but expired after his death in 1843.

The title of Baron of Kilkeel was created especially for Harry, and the original title of Count of dumbarton it was created in 1675, but was used until 1749.