Today, January eleventh, in the official account of the Billboard Charts on Twitter, he made public the list of the ten best-selling albums of 2022, all this according to data from the Twitter account @luminate_data.

In the number one position we can find Taylor Swift with his album «midnights«, which, according to the data, has «640,000» copies sold.

The second place is occupied bts with his album «proof“, which has “413,000» copies sold.

Third place has it txt with his album «Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child“, which has “227,000» copies sold.

Harry Styles is in fourth place with his album «Harry’s home“, with a total of “219,000» copies sold.

Closing the top five, is stray kids with the album «ODDINARY“, with a total of copies sold of “204,000»

Following at number six, we can find twice with his album «Between 1&2“, with “199,000» copies sold.

The position numbered seven is occupied by the aforementioned stray kids with his album «MAXIDENT«, album that features «177,000» copies sold.

In eighth place we find ENHYPEN with his album «Manifesto: Day 1“, with a total of “173,000» copies sold.

The position numbered nine is occupied by Beyonce with his album «Renaissance«, with total sales of «163,000” do you copy.

To close the top 10, we can find NCT 127 with his album «2 Baddies“, with a total of “148,000» copies sold.

You can appreciate the reach that Kpop groups have in the American country, since they occupy a large part of the 10 best-selling CDs in the United States.