One of the industries that was most affected by the COVID pandemic was entertainment, specifically in massive events, so it is not surprising that an event like Corona Capital has a lot to talk about. With dozens of important bands, These are the bands that you cannot miss from Corona Capital 2022.

From the alternative rock space that touched the deepest sides of the heart, to the most unmissable pop acts, the Capital Crown 2022 impacted the entire Mexican audience by having the largest edition since its creation.

This edition will feature 3 days of music starting on November 18. 3 days of adrenaline, rhythm and good drinks, It’s definitely the weekend of the year.

The general announcement looks like this with all the bands divided by days.

Crownfriday 18

Let’s start with the most obvious My Chemical Romance opening the great festival after an absence of more than 10 years from the country.

Another name that stands out is Marina, Two Door Cinema Club and of course Wallows.

A couple more bands were recently announced to be performing, making the lineup nothing but attractive.

Saturday 19

Paramore as our big massive band, to bring out all the emo inside.

The recommendation of the day is to listen to Sevdaliza, because it is definitely an unmissable act, just like Arctic Monkeys and Anna of the North.

Sunday 20

After 2 days of great intensity, it is time to close the festival with no more and no less than Miley Cyrus at the head, followed by Lil Nas X, Spacey Jane and Mo.

The schedules have not yet been revealed, but we are all very excited to have high-caliber artists on Mexican soil.

And what show are you waiting for the most??


The best recommendation that can be given to the public pending Corona is to give themselves the opportunity to explore new talents. Let us remember that stars such as Sam Smith or Dua Lipa.