The popularity of BLACKPINK has no limits, now, the group has received many nominations in the Awards Chinese Year End Awards 2022which shows that they have a huge fan base in China and are the favorites to win the most awards.

After a two year hiatus, BLACKPINK return with BORN PINK, an album released in September which topped the charts worldwide due to its popularity and the group is now nominated for awards Chinese Year End Awards 2022.

The members of BLACKPINK had an incredible year thanks to the launch of BORN PINK, where hits like PINK VENOM Y Shut Down They captivated millions and did not stop listening to them.

All their efforts are now being recognized at various award ceremonies, including the 2022 China Year-End Awards, as the list of nominees for the awards was announced a few days ago. Chinese Year End Awards 2022 Y BLACKPINK was the group that received the most nominations that night, competing in 14 categories.

Competing categories include top-selling artists by album and single, In addition, BORN PINK is competing for the award for Best Album and PINK VENOM for Best Single.