View from Erben’s viewpoint to St. nad Labem and Lake Milada.
| photo: Pavel Pibyl

The regional hygienic station granted an exception to the stalls in the past years, this year after five years it decided not to do so. Stnkov sales must have water, sewage and toilet. According to the director of the regional hygienic station Lenka, all conditions in the surrounding recreational areas meet these conditions.

According to current and up-to-date information from the state-owned company Diamo, contracts with the operators of individual units will be concluded next week, said Roman Macov. There will be five positions on the main field, of which there will be two boards with refreshments and two with sports equipment.

There will be one stern with refreshments on the trmick pli. Pl Roudnky offers a change of wall, ie with refreshments and sports equipment. There will be one stern with refreshments in the locality on May 5. They currently have two vacancies. The offer was made by the applicant, Macov added.

The original Milada was in charge of the Fuel Combine (PK), which became a separate seduct of Diamo on January 1 this year.

In the last government period, PK had a basic engineering system built, and received both a building permit and a pension for connections. According to Rychtakov, PK is preparing a public contract for the construction of connections with the expected completion in April of the same year, implementation in the summer seasons is not possible, because large numbers of people are moving.

Unfortunately, for technical, safety and time reasons, this plan cannot be addressed in a different way this year, as the people will eventually meet the hygiene requirements themselves, added Rychtakov.