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| photo: Petr Topi, MAFRA

The number of people with coronavirus in hospitals fell below 450 before the weekend. This is the lowest number hospitalized since about June. Follow this on the website of the Ministry of Health.

In addition to the newly confirmed covidu case, tests revealed that 182 days of suspected infection had passed.

The so-called incidental word also decreases. Per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, 65 nakaench, the last week’s incidence was 97. The highest is in Prague with 118 cases and the lowest in the Moravian-Silesian region with 43 cases.

The daily number of coronavirus infections is gradually declining since the burrow of the burrow, when the daily number of thousands of coke is added daily. At that time, there were 57,000 cases of outbreaks, as many as one day after the arrest of the epidemic in the Czech Republic.

The number of coronavirus testers has also been declining since the burrow. Since Thursday, people cannot be tested for free as a preventive measure, the health insurance castle can only be tested by a deer. Approximately 5,500 PCR assays and 3,600 antigens were performed in five laboratories. Before the week, there was a PCR test of about 9200 and an antigenic of 4000.

The number of people who ended up in the hospital with a covid-19 fell by 338 to 448 in the past week. .

Since the first coronary outbreaks in the Czech Republic on 1 May 2020, more than 3.9 million confirmed outbreaks have been reported in the country. In addition, the ministry registers 262,000 cases suspected of re-infection. So far, 40,212 people have died with the covid-19. The full population was nearly 6.9 million people and gave a strengthening two vaccine to almost 4.2 million people. The past day was a shackle of 5300 people, about 350 mn a week ago. Interest in the vaccination is the last week had, among the shoeers strongly dominate the people who go for a strengthening of the two vaccines.

Since Thursday, the state of pandemic emergency has not been in force, the end of all anti-coronavirus measures has ended. For example, the state does not require mandatory care in health care facilities and residential social care facilities, such as homes for the elderly or the disabled.