JiDenisa Prochzka, MMA fighter of the Rozstel program. (June 22, 2022)
| photo: Jakub Stadler,

We are preparing details …

Only once did Prochzka get his return and points. Out of 29 cases, the soup was able to knock out the twenty-five-year-old and end the two-month case with the help of mole technique.

Just like the last time in Singapore, when he forced the defender of the Teixeira title. Just 28 seconds before the end of the match, which Prochzka would otherwise lose to points.

The Czech warrior became the leader of the half-weight to 93 kilograms, which cost him millions of crowns and his name became famous across the globe. Thousands of fans asked him about it in Brno.

I have the highest visions. People should know about the sport and I would like to support it. I’m going to our basin! expired last week in an interview with iDNES Premium.

You are still waiting for a quick month. At the end of the month, he went to Las Vegas to show the cameras to the American audience, met with UFC President Dana White and discussed the future with us.

Prochzka would rd fight again this year. Will they want to show your Czech spy in a cage in America, or let them persuade them to do a tournament for him in Europe? This was also the case at Rozstel, which was moderated by iDNES.cz editor Robert Rampa.