Hotel Voron was one of the first to offer a number of refugees in Brno after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. At the end of April, about seven hundred Ukrainian residents had to leave.

We had contracted with other clients for a long time, and it didn’t last long because the state support was not enough, explained the hotel’s operating director Jaromr Juris.

A similar situation occurred in the pension U Kostela in a ride near Brno. I want the refugees to have a difficult situation, but I would like to cancel my reservation, said the owner Radka Petkov, noting that the guest house announced that the hostel would only provide me until the end of April.

Now the South Moravian Region has met with similar reactions. As of April 30, due to the upcoming tourist season, the accommodation refugee ended 26 days contracted by the region. There are a total of 605 drugs, said Alena Knotkov. In addition, the presidency says that at the end of May, there will be no more 191-month-olds.

And this week he has to move seven Ukrainians from the apartments in Ttars in Znojmo. The guest house is open, some guests return here every year, explained the owner Vladislava Zkov. In the same way, five weeks is the last term for Alena Vautová from Pasohlvek. Mvm reservations and a year in advance, she said.

Mobile hostels without subsidies do not build

The governors will not be able to answer how it will be at the holiday season, when the main holiday season begins. However, the tendency is slightly declining, confirmed the apartment of accommodation capacities in Knotkov.

At present, about a fifth of pedestrians turn to the region with a lot of headache, the others are looking for their own. In total, the region provides accommodation for about 5,500 Ukrainians, another thousand drugs free. However, they will probably disappear. Before the Russian invasion, a total of about 35,000 people fled to another Moravia, and 200 and 250 daily arrivals to the assistance center in Brno were added to the assistance center.

The South Moravian Governor’s Office relied on the fact that the Ministry of Regional Development would pay subsidies for the construction of container hostels for refugees and the region would not depend on the owner of the boarding house. At the end, ordinary councilors had a number of suppliers, but they decided not to decide on it, because due to the high financial costs, they preferred to call for a specific call on the specific rules.

They were even more surprised when the mobile homes completely fell out of the way. Containers are like an elephant variant in case of refugee and insufficient capacity. The priority is to repair apartments in buildings for the needs of municipalities, explained the ministry’s speech Vilm Frek. At the same time, the South Moravian Region negotiated specific localities where such accommodation could grow. Today we are full of ice.

Brno does not charge the pension for repairs

Brno, which has a large number of vacant but uninhabitable flats, especially in the city centers of Brno-center and Brno-north, could not change their subsidy for repairs. There won’t be a single bag.

The program is not usable for us. It is intended for the repair of a flat in a desolate condition, and we do not have such a person, said Brno-center Kateina Dobeov.

According to the mayor of Brno, South Olives (SSD), the pension board, on the other hand, is intended for minor repairs, so the magistrate has no data on subsidies for the reconstruction of vacant houses, which would cost millions of crowns.

Subsidies are for apartments, which we would then have to provide free of charge. Although we would fix them, we would not rent them from them, explained the mayor of Brno-north, David Ale (two YES), because his town hall will not call.

According to a ministry spokesman, the program allows the city to demand the castle’s cost associated with housing, if the refugees have been granted temporary protection.

Vakov: We want to get Roma refugees away

Last week, a group of about seven Roma refugees from Ukraine killed Bran se utboila at the main train station. Somewhere there or a series of jobs in Kenov Street returned the sweat, which the city provided them with a temporary hostel in idennic barracks. The situation should calm down.

According to Alena Knotkov’s regional languages, it often turns out that these people are not even interested in living. They are only paid two thousand thousand crowns. Then give the hostel to refuse to follow it on its own axis, or travel long and back home, or around Europe. We don’t know that, she said.

The Regional Assistance Center for Refugees and the Roma have been running since the end of the day the governor’s office was suspectedthat these people have so much Hungarian citizenship, also do not have the right to help as Ukrainians. According to the regional police headquarters, about 250 and 300 refugees were returned for this reason, Knotkov said.

Similarly, Brno finds out who and for the week arrives in the city of dormitories. They are not in idiots near Roma. Our goal is for the people who evaluate the situation to continue their journey for a long time. We will try to make it so that these people leave Brno, said the mayor Markta Vakov (ODS).