Residents of the city are concerned about the possible contamination of the Taganrog Bay with fuel oil. In social networks, they posted photos of dark-colored water that flows into the bay near Chekhovskaya Embankment. Yesterday, on May 6, specialists from the department for the protection of the environment and natural resources quickly left for the site of the alleged pollution, who conducted a survey of the territory.

According to the city administration, no oil or fuel oil discharges were found. In the place captured in the pictures, there really is a gully – the exit of groundwater. But the water flow is transparent, colorless and odorless. When examining the adjacent territory and water area, no traces of oil pollution were also found.
In addition, water samples were taken from the runoff. The analysis showed that, according to the chemical composition, these are groundwater and there are no excesses in the content of oil products in them.

As for the photos posted on social networks, they do not reflect the real picture, since they were taken from a distance of more than five meters.

  • Any resident of Taganrog can independently examine this territory and make sure that there are no oil products in the place where groundwater comes out, the city administration stressed.

We previously reported that more than 9,000 Taganrog residents have already voted for the square or the embankment.