There is a shortage of one type of apartment for rent in Russia

IN Russia There were a shortage of small apartments for rent – the supply of rental housing with an area of ​​up to 32 square meters in large cities has decreased by 74 percent since the beginning of the year. Such data lead analysts of the World of Apartments portal in their research.

At the same time, rental rates increased by 16 percent – to 17.6 thousand rubles per month on average across the country. Small rental housing has increased in price the most in Cheboksary (plus 45 percent), Novosibirsk (plus 43 percent) and Chelyabinsk (plus 42 percent).

IN Moscow apartments with an area of ​​less than 32 square meters began to be rented at a higher price by 13 percent (the average rental rate was 42.5 thousand rubles per month), in Moscow region – by 7 percent, and in St. Petersburg – by 19 percent.

Rental prices for such apartments have fallen in price only in three of the 70 cities analyzed by experts: in Yakutsk (minus 6 percent), Stavropol (minus 4 percent) and Chita (minus 3 percent).

“The main reason for the increase in demand and rental prices lies in the falling affordability of purchasing home ownership in the primary and secondary real estate markets due to rising mortgage prices. People increasingly prefer to rent housing rather than buy their own, and are looking for more and more economical rental options,” explained the World of Apartments.

It was previously reported that prices for long-term rental apartments decreased in eight cities of Russia, while in Sochi they fell the hardest. Rented apartments there have fallen in price by 16 percent, to an average of 38 thousand rubles per month.

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