There is a buzz online about free women who can be registered through State Services. There are queues behind them

Men in Russia have the right to a personal altushka (that is, a representative of the alto youth subculture), and to receive it, it is enough to fill out an application on the State Services portal. At least that’s what the authors of many memes that have become popular on the Russian-language Internet over the past few months claim. Of course, in reality, Gosuslugi does not hand over living people to Russians. The only thing that is not fictional in the universe of this meme is that when submitting applications you may encounter various bureaucratic nuances.

Where did the jokes about “alt girls from State Services” come from?

It’s difficult to track down the specific source of the altushka meme, but it met on social networks already in November, although it was not so widespread then. But in January, memes about how Russians have the right to young informality began to appear everywhere: on X (formerly Twitter), in meme channels on Telegram and in public pages on VKontakte.

Why the altushka appears in the meme is also unknown for certain. But the network assumes that users liked it contrast from the combination of informal youth subculture with official government service.

Quite quickly, meme lovers decided that not every Russian is entitled to an altushka and that only skufs can apply for it – this is how men over 30 years old who do not take care of themselves and look unattractive are called on the Internet. Then the joke began to acquire other details.

For example, it turned out that the skuf status is needed confirm through an account in “Odnoklassniki”. In addition, as participants in the trend ironically said, the application may be refused due to failure to appear at the military registration and enlistment office. And even if everything went well and the applicant is happy reunited with your altushka, you must remember to pay tax on it.

Soon on YouTube There were even comic instructions to help you fill out the application and not get confused in the process. The comic video was framed as a completely serious video with an analysis of one or another everyday problem. According to the video, the applicant must indicate his parameters, including age, weight and relationship with alcohol, and also select information for the girl – from hair color to hobbies.

Recently there have been rumors that the Russian state has opened a new program to help middle-aged men who abuse alcohol and computer games. Anyone can fill out an application at State Services and get an altushka. But how to do that? There is no structured information on the Internet, the service itself works intermittently, Gosuslug employees have no idea what they are talking about, and the MFC turns people away when asking these questions

blogger CONWAY, author of the “instructions” for receiving altushka from “Gosuslug”

“If there is no SNILS, will the application for an altushka be accepted?”, “And in Belarus Is there any analogue of “State Services”? Where can I stand in line for an altushka?”, “I can’t find the tab on the State Services where I can pick up an altushka. Is the function frozen or what? — joked social network users.

I filled out an application for altushka from State Services, but they gave me a psychotherapist!


user X

The question is how to get an altushka, even appeared on the “Answers” ​​platform.” Unlucky altushka seekers explained: You can apply through the unemployed status. According to another version, finding a service is even easier: it became so in demand that on the portal it was listed in the “Popular” section.

Who are altushki?

The name of the subculture goes back to the English word alternative – that is, “other”, “alternative”. Its origin is usually tie up with a TikTok trend, whose participants dressed brightly and behaved provocatively. It is believed that it was the fans of this trend who began to imitate the heroes of the videos, which is why the “alternative” style appeared.

Like many other subcultures, the viola is largely centered around appearance and style. The distinctive features of the representatives are hair dyed in bright colors, voluminous clothes in dark colors, and eye-catching accessories. They often combine style features of other subcultures – the once popular emo, punks and goths. Girls often prefer bright makeup

Photo: Dan Senior / Unsplash

The key message of the viola subculture is the desire to show one’s uniqueness and difference from others. It is for this reason that the attitude towards it is ambiguous: its representatives are often mocked or openly ridiculed, accusing them of posturing and falsehood.

Against the backdrop of the popularity of the meme about the altushka from “Gosuslug”, many social network users discovered the subculture for the first time and tried to give it their own definition. Thus, some believed that Altushki are direct heirs of the so-called “Vinishko-chan” or new goths.

I mean, the altushki are not the granddaughters of Semyon Altov?

hot tamales

user X

Who are skufs?

The meme about scufs, like many other trends, appeared thanks to the image board “Dvach”. It all started when a man named Skufin published a video message to his opponent on the portal. Although anonymity is of paramount importance at Dvach, the hero of the video did not hide his face. Because of the video, dvachers began to mock the man en masse and harass him, and his surname became a household name.

Skufs, or scufidons, are usually referred to online as men who do not take enough care of themselves. Usually the offensive name goes to people who are overweight, have receding hairlines, and have unkempt clothes. Most of them are men over 30 years old. The collective image of a skuf includes a love of junk food, beer, video games, television, watching sports and passive recreation.

Although the meme initially had a sharply negative message, it quickly began to be used in a self-ironic manner – some boys and men themselves become jokingly call themselves scufs. And the concept has acquired variations – for example, “oskufenie” (that is, the process of becoming a skufa), “skufa” (become a skuf) and so on.

Yes, I’m a skuf, but I just wanted to come home from my shift, have a supper of mashed potatoes with sauerkraut, shake a shot glass and watch “Matchmakers” with you.


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