The protégés, together with the people from Hnut Duha, poured wolves in Javornice and the Central Moravian Beskydy Mountains. There were two smacks in those pieces, one of them happened. According to the Beskydy Mountains, there is one and at least one alone. There were wolves in the Silesian Beskydy.

There are seven lynx in the Beskydy Mountains, with several overgrown threshers. The Eurasian Lynx is the only large elm that roams in the Beskydy Mountains. During the wall, we also discovered their prey, said Karolna hunting from the Agency for the Protection of Nature and the Landscape (AOPK).

On June, experts did not find the bottom of the bear. They stay in the Beskydy Mountains regularly, but only on foot. Last June, they appeared on the Moravian-Slovak border and in Javorny, she added hunting. According to the AOPK, large companies are traditionally part of local sales.

However, the apartment is freely sold to them in shifts between the individual drives. Help them bridges for safe passage invites, two are now designed in Jablunkovsky pass. Then the elms could not be in the Beskydy Mountains if they were not supplemented by individuals from Pichzej from Slovakia and Poland.

When mapping in the mountains, the protectors also gave rare animals. Among them the otter, the bullet of the least, and the woodpecker.