The korean septet that has dominated the global music market for the last 3 years, bts, They make a special video of a series every month in Youtube who have called “Run BTS”. In these videos, interviews, games and other types of interactions are carried out with the intention of bringing the members of the group closer to the fans, and showing them as fun and happy young people.

Well, in each video interesting facts about the members are usually revealed, and funny things happen. in the episode of November, For example, the eldest member, Jin, he was a victim of his own invention and while practicing yoga on cloth, got tangled up and accidentally showed the full silhouette of his manhood in his crotch, and the “cargo” left fans more enamored than ever.

Well, in the special episode of “Run BTS which was released earlier this year, you can see the members of the group interacting in a game that consists of lying and not being discovered, while the other players also lie.

In one of the questions in the game, they were asked about the intensity of baths they take per day, or per week. Everyone gave their answers, and the other members were denying one by one to finally know who were the liars and who were telling the truth.

In this game, it was revealed that Jin Y taehyung they are the two members who bathe the least, they even said that one bath a week is “enough”, although they did not state exactly what they meant by “enough”. They were quickly branded dirty by fans and the internet. Definitely a fun anecdote for fans.