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For the first week of May, Adams has prepared a series of comic strips focusing on racial diversity in the workplace. And because he didn’t forgive himself for his biting irony, which secured Dilbert hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, he also insured himself in case this kind of humor was not bitten by some media.

“The Dilbert comic book series presents a new character in the story line in the week of May 2, which includes the themes of racial identification and diversity in the workplace. We believe that the story and the characters are relevant and within the standards of the Dilbert comics, but we also acknowledge that some clients may choose not to release them. That’s why alternative stories are available, “said Syndicate Andrews McMeel, who distributes the comics.

Information on how many Dilbert publishing publishers have chosen for which version is not available. An additional announcement of a tighter version may indicate that the publisher has already responded to the first critical responses.

On iDNES.czwhere Dilbert ‘s stories have been published since 2006, readers can spend a whole week follow original stories dedicated to racial diversity and engineer Dave, who spoils the boss’s plans by identifying himself as a white man. At the end of the week, the editors will also publish alternative images for comparison.

The license conditions forbid the creation of an archive of Dilberts longer than one week, complete sets from the first week of May, so they will be available only temporarily.

For now, readers can compare the two options for Monday, May 2nd.

Version with racial diversity can be found on the Dilbert comics page at

Alternative variants:

Monday 2 May

Monday, May 2 alt

Tuesday 3 May

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Wednesday 4 May

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Thursday 5 May

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Friday 6 May

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Saturday 7 May

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