There are more clinical trials of Russian drugs in Moscow

IN Moscow conduct more than half of the first-fourth phase trials of Russian drugs. As the deputy mayor of the city for social development said Anastasia Rakovauntil the fall of 2022, when the capital’s program to support pharmaceutical companies started, this figure was less than 42 percent.

“Our task is to provide citizens with all the necessary medicines, which is especially important under the pressure of sanctions. Therefore, a year ago we launched a program to support clinical trials of drugs at our institutions,” she emphasized.

According to the vice mayor, the city has formed its own ecosystem for conducting drug research. The center of communication has become the Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare, which helps pharmaceutical companies with access to the entire medical infrastructure of the capital. According to Rakova, today 57 percent of all studies of the first to fourth phases are carried out in Moscow. “Today, 12 pharmaceutical companies are already receiving support from the city, which are conducting 52 studies in 14 therapeutic areas,” she emphasized.

Rakova added that during the year of the program, 19 studies of biosimilars and generics, 22 studies of original drugs, 11 of vaccines against tuberculosis, pneumococcus and COVID-19 were launched in research centers.

The vice-mayor recalled that in 2020, clinical trials of Sputnik V were carried out in Moscow for the first time, and since then all vaccine trials at the Gamaleya Center have been carried out on the basis of capital institutions.

In Moscow, we conduct research on original innovative drugs for the treatment of oncological, hematological, rheumatological, diseases, and pathologies of the immune system. Carrying out such tests requires high-tech equipment and trained specialists, and we have all the conditions.

Anastasia Rakova

Rakova clarified that 42 applications from medical institutions were received for organizational support, another eight for financial support, and the remaining two combined both measures.

During the year of the program, about 30 research teams took part in the research, working at the largest multidisciplinary and specialized hospitals in Moscow, as well as city clinics.

According to the vice mayor, the Moscow unified digital healthcare platform has made it possible to significantly increase the number of patients in ongoing studies and reduce the time required for their implementation. “In such therapeutic areas as infectious diseases, rheumatology, oncology, hematology, endocrinology and certain rare diseases, the increase in enrollment was more than 50 percent,” she emphasized

Rakova added that for the convenience of pharmaceutical companies, all information about the possibilities of conducting research on the basis of Moscow medical institutions and organizational support is posted on website Moscow Department of Health. You can select the optimal testing sites at portal In addition, on website You can apply for research support from the Moscow Center for Innovative Technologies in Healthcare.

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