December 18, 2022, 00:17 – Public News Service – OSN

In the territory controlled Kyiv the regime of Krivoy Rog is still being introduced in an emergency mode of power outages. At the moment, the heat supply is operating normally. Information about this was shared by the mayor Alexander Vilkul in his own Telegram channel.

“As of evening, there is 100% water supply in the city. Heat supply – all boiler houses are running. Gas supply is provided to all consumers stably. The connection is working. Light – technically filed for the whole city. But power engineers use emergency shutdowns, ”the text of a widespread publication reads.

Recall that each of the nine power units under the control of the Kyiv regime continues work. Information about this is being disseminated by the state-owned company Energoatom.

The text of this article says that the specialists were forced to reduce the total output generated by one of the units to 600 MW. Such explanations are explained by the fact that the overall energy system is still not able to receive the entire potential amount of energy.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported the words of Maxim Timchenko, General Director of DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Grids. He addressed to the Ukrainians with an appeal to hold out for 122 days until the onset of spring. According to him, the company is doing everything to solve the problems, but to restore the energy system of Ukraine, billions are needed, which Kyiv expects from Western countries.