January 8, 2023, 12:16 pm – Public News Service – OSN

DoctorEkaterina Kashukh, a therapist, warned the Russians about the possible dangers of diving into the hole. According to her, the greatest risks lie in wait for those who suffer from chronic diseases. A health specialist spoke about this in a conversation with RT.

Kashuh also added that in addition to patients with chronic diseases, the elderly, pregnant women, and minors should refrain from swimming in the hole if possible. Representatives of these groups are characterized by weaker health.

According to the doctor, Epiphany bathing in the hole requires a long preliminary preparation. So, the most convenient method Kashuh called home hardening with the use of cold water. She advises to start at 8-12°C, for adults and healthy people. You should not start with the whole body. For the first weeks, it is enough to pour cold water on small areas, such as hands and feet, gradually increasing the hardening zone to the elbows, knees and beyond.

Before swimming in an ice hole, the therapist recommends that you definitely do a warm-up of the body, and two hours before the event, you should eat. After diving, it is required to quickly and completely wipe the body, put on dry clothes and warm up with hot tea. But alcohol on the day of diving into the hole should be completely abandoned, even after water procedures.

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