Thematic areas worked in the park in the center of Mikhailov on Victory Day

On May 9, in the park on Lenin Square, everyone could find something to their liking. There were exhibitions and thematic areas dedicated to the great Victory and the feat of the liberators.

Employees of the central district library prepared an exhibition-installation “Through all passed and won.” It presented books about the war and portraits of Mikhailov’s heroes. The librarians read poems about the war to the Mikhailovites.

Not far from the fountain, theatrical venues “Lines Scorched by War”, “Spring on the Keys of Victory” and “Victory Day Waltz” worked. Children sang, danced to military songs and recited poems.

At the entrance to the park there was a “Field Post”. Here, congratulations on the Great Victory Day were received and read aloud from the residents. There were also two photo booths.